I got all 36 challenges done and got Xmogs for them!

Ever since the challenge scenarios came out it was my goal to get all 36 for every class and spec! I got them done a while ago but I wanted to get some transmogs as well and I kinda wanted to share with you all! https://imgur.com/a/79upL if anyone wants any tips for them I'd be happy to share my experience with em too, it was honestly one of the most fun I've ever had playing WoW and I've been playing since Vanilla! Thanks for reading :D

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Please help me raise awareness of the accumulated honor not being given out.

I got all 36 challenges done and got Xmogs for them!On December 13th 2016 Legion season 2 for pvp was rolled out. After logging in players could click the button to prestige further. In case they didn't and got some honor from any source, the game awarded them with all the honor they were accumulating in the background while being capped at Prestige 4 Honor 50. Proof! Then a blue post from Ornyx reported that when 7.1.5 would roll out they would give out the accumulated honor to everyone that did not get it back then. 7.1.5 was released today and such thing did not happen, so please Blizzard keep your word and do what must be done submitted by /u/Nisua [link] [comments]...