I lost contact with my best in-game friend and can't find him

I am a very lonely player. I'm not good at creating social bonds and my avaiable time to play is very inconsistent, making it even harder. Because of that I've been adventuring in Azeroth, Draenor and Argus alongside Kowlfaran, TK and Zuni, my best friends.


So, yesterday I tried gave Kowlfaran a glyph to allow him dual wielding, not knowing it would instead summon Laz-amal over him. Laz-amal seems to be a nice guy, more polite than Kowlfaran, but I thought I could resummon Laz-amal for a better name. I didn't know it but I just had forever lost my loyal friend Kowlfaran, who despite always telling me that he hated me and was only adventuring by my side because he was enslaved and forced to it, was my friend: For my surprise, when I tried to change his name, it instead summoned another Fel Guard.

I desperately dismissed the new demon and enslaved another one, again and again, spending thousands of golds and minutes, hoping I could find my pal again. Sadly, I couldn't.


I created a ticket asking for help but the GM told me she couldn't help me with this issue but felt my pain and offered me some words of comfort. So now I'm sharing my story with you, and please, if you ever cross pathes with Kowlfaran tell him I'm sorry, that Zuni also miss him (I'm considering you are a Demo Warlock and have Thal'kiel too) and that the new demon will never be as good as him. Also, that I'll never kill another Fel Guard since they don't show names and I'm not killing him under any circunstances.


Here are 2 pics of all of us. Kowlfaran was very stubborn and always refused to show his face on photos.


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