I'm noticing quite a few issues with the Allied Races, here are just a few:

I seriously appreciate the surprise Blizzard gave us today by releasing the Allied Races with no warning, but the lack of PTR testing really shows. I've only unlocked Nightborne and Highmountain Tauren so far, but each one gives off some serious low effort vibes.



  • MASSIVE shoulder pieces relative to their size. This is like the opposite of the BC Orc shoulder bug.

  • Edit: There is a vestigial, useless "Facial Hair" option at the barber which does nothing. /u/Elyeasa

  • Edit: All Male Nightborne use same facial geometry.1 /u/CelexeReborn

  • Edit: There are Male Nightborne NPCs using the new player model, wearing heritage armor, that have the missing facial features which players can't access. See: https://i.imgur.com/czCMW26.jpg


  • No base hair texture, so when a hair-hiding head piece is equipped, they go completely bald. See: https://i.imgur.com/ZmKrm2E.jpg?1 (For some reason, this is broken in-game but NOT in the WoWhead dressing room.)

  • Many of their Hair options are seriously low poly, almost Vanilla level, as are their eyebrows.

  • Edit: People on my server alerted me to the fact that, despite looking normal, Nightborne feet break a lot of boots. (Notice the terribly stretched textures on the other boots too). See: https://i.imgur.com/kfRD8ow.jpg?1 (Nightborne) https://i.imgur.com/Cx58da9.jpg?1 (Orc)

  • Edit: Nightborne females revert to the Night Elf female standing animation during character creation. /u/Masterofknees


  • Their ears are completely static and don't animate/jiggle like Night Elf ears.

  • Their racials are just extremely boring. It's like they couldn't be asked to come up with interesting, relevant racials so they just did the bare minimum. (Two separate 1% increases? Come on.)

  • Arcane Pulse was (up to this point) a pulsing AoE which applied a slow, now it's just a single tiny attack. On top of this, its 3 minute CD seems like complete overkill compared to racials like War Stomp (1.5 min), Bull Rush (1.5 min), Berserking (3 min), etc. You get the picture.



  • "Horn Color" literally doesn't change Horn Color, it just lets you toggle between bare and rune-etched horns. (Shouldn't it be "Antler Color" considering they even have a /silly making fun of normal Tauren for having horns?)

  • Part and parcel with the Horn Color issue is the lack of Black horns, despite the black fur option and Spirtwalker Ebonhorn literally not having ebon horns.

  • I've seen reports that Rugged Tenacity (damage subtracting racial) affects Stagger damage taken by Brewmasters. I haven't been able to test this one for myself.


  • For some reason, Allied Races (and just Allied Races) are able to change their skin color at the barber. (This one is cool, but hey.)

Again, I'm extremely happy to get Allied Races today, rather than farther down the line, but they've got some issues. I'm hoping that we can get these fixed by pointing them out now; I'd hate it if all of the allied races had these lingering, relatively minor issues, years from now.

I'd appreciate it people posted any issues they've found too.

  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/7u76kf/the_literally_unplayablest/
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