I'm ready for a new expansion, but I'm already feeling nostalgic about Legion.

I wasn't the biggest fan of returning to the fel-theme in Legion, nor have I been terribly excited about 7.2 or 7.3. I guess I'm definitely ready to move on to BfA and something new. However, I already find myself being strangely nostalgic about the first year of Legion. Particularly Highmountain and experiencing the Order Halls for the first time, but also going through Suramar, the Emerald Nightmare and so on.

It was the same with WoD, MoP, Cata, WotLK, TBC and Vanilla. WoW does something to you, even the expansions that aren't necessarily your favourites of the bunch.

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I hope we see more scavenger hunts next xpac

I'm ready for a new expansion, but I'm already feeling nostalgic about Legion.I came back to WoW last September with the release of Legion. Before then, I hadn’t played since the release of Burning Crusade, so a lot had changed from what I remembered WoW to be. One of the most pleasant surprises in playing WoW this time, though, were the scavenger hunts Blizz snuck into world every (I think?) major patch during Legion. Riddlers-Mind worm was a really fun intro to hunting. Yesterday I found all the crystals for my Long-Forgotten Hippogryph, and I’m currently working out the madness that is Endless Halls for my Lucid Nightmare. These hunts are so much fun and are such a breath of fresh air, plus they also have awesome, tangible rewards. I really appreciate the wo...