I'm Stupid (How I fixed my FPS)

I was shocked when my FPS in WoW went from 120 to 40 after legion was released. I thought maybe it was just that the new areas were more demanding.

I have this desktop app (Nvidia GeForce Experience) that "optimized" my game settings, but my Render Scaling (advanced system options) was set to 200%. My FPS went from 70 at my Garrison to 180fps when I turned it down to 100% and turned off Anti-aliasing. In Highmountain and Stormheim, my FPS went from 40-60fps... to 90-120fps. At first, you'll notice the AA turned off, but you'll forget about it in 2 minutes. Performance > Graphics. Warning: the first few seconds, your FPS is gonna do weird things, but after it settles immediately.

980 Ti Strix

Intel 6700K

Hope this works for you if you're having similar issues.

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A story on how I became one with RNG

I'm Stupid (How I fixed my FPS)Hi everyone! This is a personal story on how i became one with the true power of RNG and achieved the best possible result from any situation!   Since legion release I've heard and read many people complaining about the amount of RNG involved in this expansion, going from the reroll coins to WQ reward titanforging, legendary dropping and much, much more! As a dedicated Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft player since the beta days I learnt how to cope with RNG and accept it. My faith has been tested more than once but I always kept trusting in RNGesus and I got rewarded for my firm and unshakable faith!   In the first weeks of legion I dropped Greenskin's Waterlogged Wristcuffs...