I made a "TLDR" version of Warcraft lore for my girlfriend.


  • My gf just recently started playing WoW with me, and she is interested in what's happening and what happened so far. She didn't want to read for hours in wikipedia, so I made a list of main things that had happened in lore since the beginning. I tought I might share, hope you like it. It may contain some wrong assumptions, but this is how I remember the things from the games and books!

  • Please note that despite this being a TLDR; it is still a little wall of text, you can't put 25 years of lore in 10 sentences. I intenionally missed some events and characters, and the expansions are roughly described, I didn't want to confuse her with all the names, and the story of every raid, etc, after all this is for my gf who is a completely new player and never played or read anything regarding Warcraft!


First the Universe was created by an unknown force. It created the titans , who are the shapers of worlds, guardians of life. One of the greatest among them was Sargeras. He eventually got fed up from all the shit he seen on countless worlds, became depressed from all the evil he had to experience. He came up with the bright idea, that there can be never be peace, and the only solution is to destroy everything the titans made so far. He became Sargeras the Destroyer, leader of the Burning Legion, a demonic army wanting to destroy everything, the one he swore to battle agains. They are the main antagonists in the Warcraft universe.


One particular planet, named Azeroth (the one we playing on), had much shit going on, it was slowly destroyed by evil creatures called the Old Gods. They were eventually imprisoned by the titans, so the world could flourish without their corruption.


Azeroth had one supercontinent, named Kalimdor. This was the birthplace of all the races and the most advanced among them were the Kaldorei, or Night Elves. At their golden age they became too power hungry, and it led to their downfall. Their reckless use of magic caught the attention of Sargeras, and his Burning Legion. He corrupted the leaders of the night elves to open a portal to Azeroth for him with the help of the Well of Eternity, a place of immense arcane energies, which was used by all mages in Azeroth. This didn't happen after all, the first legion invasion was repelled (this was called the War of the Ancients), but the Well of Eternity exploded, tearing the continent apart (The Sundering), thus creating two big continents, and several smaller isles. The western one is named Kalimdor, the eastern one is the Eastern Kingdoms. This happened about 10,000 years ago.


Long before this happened, there was another planet called Argus. There lived a highly advanced race, called eredar. They had 3 leaders, Archimonde, Kil'Jaeden and Velen. The first two was corrupted by Sargeras, promising them incredible, godlike power in exchange to transform their race into demonic warriors for the Legion, and give their world up. Sadly this happened, but they couldn't persuade Velen to fuck everything up with them, so Velen had to escape from the planet, with some of the non-corrupted eredar, who now called themselves draenei, the exiled ones.


Kil'jaeden was not so happy about Velen's escape, and started to chase them world after world. The draenei landed on a planet named Draenor, and they seemed to be in relative safety. On this planet lived a tribal, nomadic race, called orcs. The two races lived in peace, until Kil'jaeden got knowledge of the draenei's whereabouts. He corrupted the shamanic leaders of the orcs, made them into warlocks and convinced them to drink the blood of another demon-lord, Mannoroth. This made the orcs somewhat demonic creatures, who always strive for blood battle. They started a war against the drenei. All seemed lost, and Velen and his people had to run again.


After the draenei escaped the planet, the orcs gone apeshit crazy, and started fighting each other. Eventually, by Sargeras' machinations, they built the Dark Portal, and started to invade the world Azeroth.


This lead to the First War, where the humans of Azeroth lost. After that, the humans made a pact with the other races, called the Alliance of Lordaeron, to repel the orcs, and drive them out of their lands. They have won, and the surviving orcs was put to internment camps, for slave labor.


Since their invasion of Azeroth failed, the remaining orcs and demons in Draenor started a second one, with the help of the orc warlock, Ner'zhul. They have opened portals to Azeroth and many different worlds, but they became unstable, and the planet was ripped apart from the immense arcane energies. Draenor became what we know today as Outland.


A little orc, named Thrall, liberated all the orcs from the internment camps, and made the Horde. He wished to live in peace, and stop the war against the humans, and the Alliance.


For his failure to invade Azeroth, Ner'zhul was punished by Kil'Jaeden. He destroyed his physical body, made him the Lich King, and sent him down to Azeroth to prepare it for a new invasion by the Legion.


The Lich King had corrupted highly ranked members and mages of the Alliance, and with the help of the necromancer Kel'Thuzad, they made the Scourge, an army of undead warriors.


A young noble, Prince Arthas Menethil, was sent to put an end to all of this, but in the end he became corrupted by the Lich King, he made him his puppet, and instead of destroying the Scourge, he became the worst among them.


Arthas and the Scourge put the human kingdoms to ruin, and the Horde and a portion of the Alliance set sail to the other continent, Kalimdor. There the Horde set his foot, and made their city capital city, Orgrimmar.


All was set for another invasion, so Kel'thuzad and his rotting friends summoned Archimonde to Azeroth, who intended to destroy the World Tree, which would have ended Azeroth too. The combined forces of the Horde and the night elves stopped Archimonde, but the World Tree almost got destroyed, and the night elves lost their immortality. The world was saved again. Meanwhile Arthas fused with the spirit of Ner'zhul, becoming the Lich King himself.


Now starts the story of World of Warcraft

Not much interesting here, Horde and Alliance are at war again, and we had to destroy numerous enemies like crazy dragons, elemental lords, etc.


First expansion, the Burning Crusade

The dark portal on Outland to Azeroth was reopened by demons, we took the fight there, and killed some mean guys like Illidan Stormrage, who was imprisoned for 10,000 years for crimes he commited in the War of the Ancients. Meanwhile the draenei, escaping from Draenor, finally found a suitable planet, Azeroth, and they crash landed their spaceship here. In the end of the expansion we stopped another attempt at summoning Kil'jaeden to Azeroth.


Wrath of the Lich King

Arthas, the Lich King wakes up and realizes he wants to destroy the world, and we have to stop him. With the aid of the paladin Tirion Fordring we defeat him.



One of the great dragon aspects, Neltharion was corrupted by the whispers of the Old Gods, wakes up from his slumber as Deathwing, and intends to destroy the world. He almost succeeds, we have stopped him, but he destroys and reforms much of the landscape. Thrall, being a great shaman, becomes the new aspect of the earth, and he chooses a new leader for the horde, Garrosh Hellscream, son of his old friend.

Garrosh is an idiot, starts a full war against the Alliance again, and wants to kick the other races out from the Horde, so the orcs would rule. He even killed the chieftain of the Taurens with a poisoned weapon.


Mists of Pandaria

Prince Anduin, son of the leader of the Alliance was sailing the seas with the Prohet Velen, when they got attacked by a horde ship. In the midst of the battle, their ships crashed in the island Pandaria.

Pandaria was later explored by both the Horde and the Alliance. Here we had to fight different enemies, like the Sha. The sha are creatures made by the Old God Y'shaarj, who feed on negative emotions. They corrupted the already idiot Garrosh's mind, who wanted to use dark magic to transform members of the Horde into monsters. He made his 'True Horde', and expelled trolls, taurens and everyone else who didn't agree with him. The Horde and the Alliance put aside their grievances, and together we defeated Garrosh.

He was put to trial in Pandaria, but before his judgement, he escaped the trial with the help of the dragon Kairozdormu. He sent him back trough a portal to another time, to another reality, which was Ddraenor in the past, before it was corrupted by the Legion.


Warlords of Draenor

This is really confusing because of the time travel and such, and this was the worst expansion by most of the players. Garrosh convinced the leaders of the orcs in Draenor not to drink Mannoroth's blood, and he made the Iron Horde (he likes to made new Hordes) and with the Dark Portal he started a new invasion of Azeroth in our present time, in our reality (mindfuck).

Our goal was to stop them of course, Garrosh was killed by Thrall, but Gul'dan the orc warlock, now one of our main antagonists, seized the power and offered the orcs to drink the blood of Mannoroth. They did it, became crazy, and Gul'dan starts summoning the legion to Draenor. We stopped them, but Gul'dan escaped.



This is the new expansion. Gul'dan attempts to summon the Legion and Sargeras to Azeroth again, and we have to stop them AGAIN!


  • I hope you guys liked this, my girlfriend definitely did. Please say if I made mistakes, or if I left out some crucial thing. I don't remember everything :)
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