I really hope BfA is more 'whimsical' than Legion and WoD.

For the past two expansion we've been dealing with the Legion, and the theme has been pretty dark and more serious than normal, which is expected when dealing with one of the most powerful threats to Azeroth.

But for BfA I really hope we have a more 'whimsical' theme like MoP. I know it's a faction war this time around as the main setting, but having a raid and a few dungeons that are more of a side story to the main story would be really nice. How about Trade Prince Gallywix sends us on a raid to Gadgetzan (hearthstone version) to get him some sort of treasure. Something along those lines would be really cool and a change of pace from the main story line.

I know there's a Troll raid in the beginning which is nice and a change of pace from the last two xpacs. I just think being less serious and changing it up can go a long way of keeping people interested in the story and more fun in general.

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Transmog Runs discord just launched!

I really hope BfA is more 'whimsical' than Legion and WoD.We've just launched a discord server for all things transmog! Interested in farming up Tier 19 Mythic sets, doing WoD raids for transmog, or just hanging out? Join our growing discord server and participate in weekly runs for whatever it is you wish to do! Currently, we do Emerald Nightmare Mythic and Nighthold Mythic every week, but anyone with the event organizer rank is free to put up events which others can sign up to by a simple mention system. The server is just starting out and the community may be small but is constantly growing, and we're hoping you could be there to help kickstart it into action :) https://discord.gg/9SsZgV submitted by /u/DoctorProfessorRobot...