I really hope Sylvanas stays loyal in BfA.

I don't know, I keep hearing from players and youtubers that a potential plot point in the next expansion could be Sylvanas betraying the Horde for personal gain. I like Sylvanas, I like the no-nonsense veteran badass warchief she is. I don't mind her staying around a while.

With hippie Thrall, Garrosh being Garrosh, and Vol'jin not really being fleshed out, I think the Horde has gotten the short end of the stick with their leadership narrative. Anduin has an awesome coming of age story. His character arc has been fantastic.

I guess I just want an equally impressive faction leader in an expansion heavily focused on faction pride. Sylvanas is that faction leader for me.

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Getting Moroes as your 'ally' is linked to a random quest item drop from Return from Karazhan

I really hope Sylvanas stays loyal in BfA.Didn't see this trending since it's discovery around a day back but there's more information on Wowhead: http://www.wowhead.com/news=257286/acquire-moroes-as-your-class-champion Step 1: Defeat Mythic Moroes - he has a random chance (as standard) to drop the quest item: Broken Pocket Watch. From my understanding you can't loot this quest item, like others from Bonus Rolls. Just keep doing Karazhan (as I'm sure many are doing right now) or at least defeat Moroes every week. Step 2: This quest item triggers 2 Order Hall missions, 850 level taking 1 day: An Odious Task and A Rare Vintage. Step 3: Create via cooking or buy a Spiced Rib Roast (standard Light Meal, pretty cheap...