I would like to give a shout-out to a player who made a bad year just a little bit better for me.

It has been a bummer of a year for me. Last month my 53 year old father passed away suddenly. The last few weeks have been trying to get back into the swing of things after dealing with the personal and financial sides of that tragedy.

In my free time I have been trying to work up enough gold to get the expansion. I don't make gold at lightning speed so it would probably be another month or so before I had enough gold to get a few more tokens and make my Glowing space goat.

Cut to Friday afternoon I log on to my Demon Hunter on Proudmoore and go to Stormwind. I see a player in Trade Chat advertising "I am quitting WoW. I want to give someone 2.8 Million gold" I thought there was a 99% chance of this being trade chat nonsense. I took the chance and messaged him and said I could really use it. I didn't get a response right away. About 2 minutes later this guy flies up to the roof that i'm on, opens a trade window and trades me the 2.8 Million gold. I am flabbergasted, I tell him thank you. The only response I got is "Enjoy". I tried to write a more detailed thank you, but they were already gone before I could finish. I quickly used the gold to pre-purchase the expansion for myself, buy 6 months of game time. I tried to pay it forward a little bit by giving enough gold to a buddy of mine so he could buy the xpac too.

I hope that Tazzik sees this and realizes that their amazing act of generosity is greatly appreciated.

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