If you join someone else's low key, don't be an asshole if they aren't 3 chesting it.

Seems to be such a frequent occurrence when I do alt runs with a group of friends. We lack one player and sign up through LFG, we don't advertise it as a 3 chest run or anything like that.

We were doing CoS6 today and the rogue in our group couldn't stop complaining about how we're inviting "garbage alts" and we're "wasting time". We still finished the dungeon on time, but the guy was a miserable sod from start to finish.

What's your process when you join a random group that isn't advertising itself as 3 chests? Is a 3 chest clear the expected standard now? Is there any justification in being mad when that doesn't happen? Or should you expect that sometimes people are playing and gearing their alts and it isn't always going to be a quick 3 chest run?


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Patch 7.2 PTR - Build 23708

If you join someone else's low key, don't be an asshole if they aren't 3 chesting it.Patch 7.2 PTR - Build 23708A new build is on the way to the PTR! New Icons New Loading Screens PTR Development Notes - Build 23708Originally Posted by Blizzard(Blue Tracker / Official Forums)This week’s update contains more tuning and tweaks for several of the new features and content pieces in 7.2.We’ve taken an initial pass at setting the rate of income for Nethershards, as well as the cost of items they can be used to purchase. While we’re planning to do some additional tuning next week once we’ve got a better handle on how it’s playing out, these numbers should be much more in-line with where we want things to be.There are several tweaks to Artifact Traits, and a few adjustme...