Improving my DPS as Aff Lock

I main Affliction Warlock. I don't raid with a guild, but pug normal AtBT every week and usually manage to get the first few bosses killed HC as well.

I am ilvl 945.

I only recently starting logging my raids so my logs aren't hugely representative but I'll attach them anyway:

I can usually get about 1.1m dps on a (mostly) single target fight such as Garothi.

However affliction warlocks that are a few ilvl lower than me, out dps me, in fact I was out dps'd by a few 100k by someone in the 930s, a bit embarrassing.

I try to follow the rotation given on icy veins. But it isn't giving amazing results.

Are there any high progression affliction warlocks who can give me some advice on "gitting gud".

I used to main Destro in MoP and topped the dps charts with my raid team, recently came back to wow properly and am trying to get back to that level again.

Any resources, guides, WeakAuras strings etc. would be greatly appreciated.

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