Instead of nerfing Antorus in 8.0 like previous end raids on prepatchs

I think they should let peope wear all the Legion legendaries instead of only 2. No one cares about class balance at that time and some classes were pretty useless and clunky during 7.0 (pre legion) since they were balanced around artifacts with no artifacts available. At least if Blizzard does what i say, even if your spec is shit if you have all legendaries you will be sitting at near 1000 ilvl with all the legendary effects, no way that wouldn't be fun and finally people will feel rewarded for getting all of them.

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Gold selling ads in the sidebar

Instead of nerfing Antorus in 8.0 like previous end raids on prepatchsWe've had a number of modmails about the gold selling ads in the sidebar. This is concerning since buying gold and/or boost services breaks the WoW ToS and can get your account suspended. Unfortunately, the /r/wow mod team has no control over the ads, but we're doing the best we can to get rid of them. Here's a summary of what's going on: We've reported the ads to Google Adsense (the ad provider) We've reported the ads to the Reddit admins. The admins have been in contact, and are investigating. The ad we know about right now is in the top sidebar. If you see other ToS breaking ads, send us a modmail with a screencap and we'll take similar actions. Fuck gold sel...