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Addon - Legion Invasion Timer
The Legion is almost here and invasions have really ramped up! If you haven't been using them to level your alts and earn the achievements, now is the time!

The Legion Invasion Timer addon is helpful for keeping track of the invasion timers, Nethershard tracking, warnings, and more!

August 25 Item Changes
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
Hi friends, I wanted to take a few minutes to update you on some late-breaking changes that we have decided to make. Since these changes affect things that aren’t technically live yet, they have not been included in the hotfix notes, but we wanted you to be aware in the interest of transparency.

First, we deliberately avoided exclusive appearances when we made Legion’s legendary items. Given that these items are rare and subject to randomness, it doesn’t feel appropriate for these items to be the only source of an appearance. There are three of them where we missed the mark: Mother Shahraz’s Seduction, Estel, and Ekowraith. These items will be changing to share appearances with other items that are more readily accessible shortly after launch.

Additionally, we are making some changes to trinkets to increase Discipline Priest usability and prevent a few edge cases we aren’t happy with. All of these changes have already been made (also affecting beta servers).

One of the goals for Discipline Priests is to feel like they take the best of both Light and Shadow, and we (eventually) want to make both damage and healing role trinkets useful. If you got a trinket as Holy or as Shadow, it should also be useful as Discipline. We’ve applied modifiers to some DPS-role trinkets to make them usable by Disc without being crazy good in situations where area damage is very attractive, and Disc is now considered both a healer and a ranged DPS specialization for purposes of trinket eligibility.

We also identified a few trinkets that are usable by specs we didn’t intend when the item is traded. We’ve added some additional rules to those trinkets, as follows:

Obelisk of the Void – Healers are also eligible for this item, but the Use effect will fail if you are not a healer or ranged DPS specialization.

Gift of Radiance – the Use effect of this trinket will deal damage for anyone, but the stun effect will fail if you are not a tank specialization.

Figurehead of the Naglfar, Moonlit Prism – the Use effect will fail if you are not a ranged DPS specialization.

Moonlit Prism – the Use effect stack rate is now throttled at 1 stack per 0.4 seconds.

We have updated these tooltips to be more correct in 7.1, to show where additional spec enforcement has been added.

Thank you, and enjoy Legion!

edit: clarified Discipline is both RDPS and Healer for trinkets

Clarifying a little more on Discipline, since a few changes are happening at around the same time that are best understood in tandem with each other.

As mentioned above, Discipline will be eligible for caster DPS trinkets in addition to healer trinkets. Atonement will continue to proc from trinkets and other non-class damage events (there may be exceptions where needed). It has also been updated to proc from all schools of magic (previously only Holy, Shadow, and Fire).

However, the amount of damage done by many caster trinket damage procs will generally be quite overpowered if added to Disc's damage and fed into Atonement (the trinket would be doing the same amount of damage it was balanced for on a DPS player, plus a large amount of free healing). Indeed, this was borne out on beta. We had intended to reduce the proc rate of such trinkets for Discipline early in beta. However, due to a bug, this didn't take effect, and many Discipline Priests in dungeon and raid tests were using caster trinkets for a large amount of free damage and Atonement healing (especially trinkets that did AoE damage, which is usually not allowed to power Atonement).

While we recently fixed the bug, we decided that nerfing the damage from DPS trinkets was preferable to nerfing the proc rate (so the damage they provide would not be too sporadic). This should allow caster DPS trinkets to work for Disc and work with Atonement, but not be a clearly superior choice to healer trinkets. In addition, we are reviewing whether Disc's damage has to be increased overall to account for the bugfix late in testing.

One additional note:
Bloodthirsty Instinct - this trinket procs from ranged and melee attacks, despite the tooltip stating only melee attacks. It is a valid trinket drop for Beastmaster and Marksman hunters.

Ask Mr. Robot - Artifact Power Schedule
Ask Mr. Robot put together a nice graphic that shows how small of an impact keeping your Off-Spec Artifact advanced has on your progression.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
FEEDBACK: Legendaries!
We applied a hotfix today to adjust the power of multiple Legion legendary items with the intent of leveling off the power they provide. If you've been concerned a legendary item is too high or too low, please check again. Thank you for all of the feedback, it has been tremendously helpful! (Official Forums)

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Pet Battles
Any chance we could get the 1000 pet limit raised - esp with Legion coming up?
An item in Legion increases it to 1500 (Muffinus)

Poll - Legion Faction Choice
Our friends at Strawpoll are running a poll on your faction choice for Legion.

Video Games Live Concert at Gamescom 2016
Video Games Live performed lots of Blizzard music at Gamescom!

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