It has taken 3 1/2 weeks and 200+ hours, but my addon - inspired by my Owen Wilson "Wow" WeakAura - is now a fully-functional tool that allows you to add sounds to just about anything :)

First off, I wanted to quickly thank everyone who has tried, or continue to use, my Owen Wilson WeakAura! To show my gratitude for all of your support, I just finished a massive update to my addon that adds a tremendous amount of new functionality!

  1. Add sounds to specific spells.
  2. Add sounds to specific spell events. (On cast start/fail/success, on damage/healing dealt)
  3. Ability to set "official" and custom sound packs to random or sequential file play.
  4. New ability to set a "crit" trigger, allowing you to have sounds trigger on crits only, non-crits, or always.
  5. Add sounds to combat events. (enter/leave combat, killing blow)
  6. Add sounds to looting events. (open/close loot window, looting an item)
  7. Add sounds to incoming chat messages (options include a timeout to prevent spamming and ignore your messages)
  8. Add sounds to movements (jumping, forward, backward, strafe, etc)
  9. I have also included a tutorial :)

My addon can be downloaded via the Curse/Twitch client or this link

Due to how much new functionality and code was added, I really hope I managed to squash all the bugs, but I won't be surprised if more are found. Either way, I hope it's a relatively smooth experience for everyone and look forward to seeing the creations you guys make! :D

Thanks again!

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Leveling Discord Server

It has taken 3 1/2 weeks and 200+ hours, but my addon - inspired by my Owen Wilson Hey guys, I don't like leveling alone and I've struggled finding people to dungeon with or quest with while leveling. I created this Discord a few weeks ago so that it could act as a central hub to find other players to level with. Its used for both EU and NA. It's organized so it's properly accessible for players of all locations and levels. All you do is post in the level bracket corresponding to the character you're playing. The more people who are in this discord, the better this system will work. thanks to: necrodragon/dezere/navebackwards for the help! submitted by /u/32mow [link] [comments]...