It is time to revamp the Auction House.

The AH hasn't had big changes since Vanilla, except for the Horde-Alliance link in WoD. It is terribly old and outdated:

  1. On big servers, like Draenor-EU, it is really slow and frustrating to use. For example, I have to look through 15-20 pages (up to 30 on weekends) of Empyrium ore which can take 2-3 minutes even with addons. To make a full scan with Auctioneer it can take up to 10 minutes on the evenings.

  2. The above is partly because of the fact that there's always that player that spams with stacks of one.

  3. Posting or cancelling lots of auctions at the same time causes freezing of the communication between my game and the server, meaning that I can't mount up (or use anything else for that matter) for maybe a minute and the items don't come through the mail for 2-3 minutes later.

  4. We still don't have a toy category, 4 years after we got the toy box.

A simple change like showing only the current cheapest offer per item (like the WoW token) would speed up the scanning very effectively. With this we would need to change how a player can buy different sizes of stacks. The answer: just let the buyer choose how much to buy. Need 40 ores to complete a work order world quest, but the only stacks are of 50 or 200? We would be able to just say we want to buy 40 ores and that is exactly how much we will pay for.

For example: I post my stack of 200 Empyrium, the game automatically splits the stack and undercuts the current lowest price by 1 copper per ore. This meaning that my ores may be offered one at a time. Then another player comes and searches for Empyrium. He sees a single row, listing only the cheapest price, selects to buy 40 and because mine is the cheapest, he buys part of my stack. The other 160 ores are left to sell to another player.

Another useful addition might be to post an order for a particular item. For current content consumables it would not be needed, but say I want to buy a crafted chest from TBC for transmog. Nobody would be making that, because the mats are tedious to farm and the item would most probably take weeks to sell. With the new system, a Leatherworker would check all the orders, see that I offer a nice price for the item and know that if he would go and spend 1-2 hours farming, he would sell the item immediately.

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We *CAN* open some of the locked chests.

It is time to revamp the Auction House.We CAN open some of the locked chests. There are three (that we know of) which can be opened with the Light's Judgment ability. Here is a guide showing on the map where they're located, and an actual in-game shot for reference. I've already opened them, this album was an afterthought. They will be blocked off with rubble, and have a yellow crystal floating above them. Here is another guide I found showing the currently known locations of the chests. Yellow - Light's Judgment Blue - Lightforged Warframe Pink - Shroud of Arcane Echoes These three powers are needed to open their corresponding chests. Mainly AP and the arganite crystal shards are what is contained in them, but if...