Just wanted to say I love this community

I just recently started to get into wow, and I've got to admit, the game is amazing! The world is so elaborate and extensive, and it's so interesting reading all the lore and discovering various areas. I loved the game so much that I paid $10 to be able to play the game and experience the world. Even though I am only level 46 I have had so much fun completing quests and going through dungeons. Reading through all the adventures and experiences you guys go through in this game always makes me excited to go through them myself! In the next few months I'm gonna try my best to save up enough money for the Legion expansion, so that I can level up my character and truly join you all in the game.

Anyway, I really just wanted to say I enjoy reading through this subreddit and learning more about the WOW world!

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A message from a friendly neighborhood Mage

Just wanted to say I love this communityThis happens to me almost everyday on my mage. If you are fighting a WQ mob, are LOW on health, and a nearby enemy mage sheeps you... they are really only trying to save you from death/give you a full combat heal. About half the time I do this (usually to save melee that are getting cleaved into oblivion) the person emerges from the sheep and turns on me assuming I'm trying to fight them. If I was actually feeling hostile and wanting a fight the last thing I would do is polymorph you and watch your health shoot up. I understand not all mages are friendly ones, but I promise you those guys will NEVER open up on you with poly unless you're already at 100%. submitted by /u...

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