Kicking in dungeons(rant)

I just joined a random heroic and was greeted with, "Let's hope this one can heal." Which immediately told me that this dungeon was going to be rough. The group I joined into was a guild group so i figured they would know the mechanics of the fight. We get to the second boss in Maw of Souls and we wipe. They immediately blame me for not being able to heal, I told them that they needed to kill the soul fragments or we will all die. So we try again and they still don't kill the soul fragments so we wipe again. They blame me again, then I explain to them that I have never had to pull more than 250k HPS in a heroic and that I can't do anything about them not knowing the mechanics. So they kick me, now I have to wait 30 mins to queue for another because of their incompetence. Why do I get punished for their mistakes?

TL;DR Incompetent guild group kicks me for not being able to outheal their failed understanding of mechanics.

Sorry I just felt like I needed to post this somewhere.

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Would there be any value to the community in a well written guide for Weak Auras?

Kicking in dungeons(rant)As I get more involved with the community and class discords I'm finding people struggle with these, usually because they don't wanna use the existing ones for what ever reason. Most of the YouTube videos on the topic are long winded and more complicated than they need to be. I love playing with these so I'd be keen to take requests for and make up custom ones and teach people along the way, probably in blog form. If there's any desire for this I'll be all over it lol submitted by /u/Slappman [link] [comments]...