Legion Pre-Expansion Patch Notes, 19 July 2016

  • Character nameplates have been reworked and have been upgraded to show class resources. Players may select a larger version of these nameplates from within the Interface Options menu.
  • Enemy nameplates now provide additional information on status effects.
  • Added class resource bars that display directly underneath your character.
  • The character sheet has been trimmed down, though fully verbose stats are still available via the API.
  • Interface options have changed and been further streamlined.
  • Tab targeting logic has been reworked, and should now behave in a more consistent and predictable manner.
  • A buff icon has been added to make it easier to tell when a character has XP gain disabled.
Source and full patch notes.

The 7.0.3 compatible tag is live, don't forget to use it.

Now that we have Minion working well, we have decided to forego the Survival Guide we used to put up. Rather than having to check a page all the time to see if your favourite addons have been updated yet, you can instead just install Minion and have it take care of updating your addons automagically.

Group Finder functions have been restricted, causing World Quest Group Finder to be permanently broken

Legion Pre-Expansion Patch Notes, 19 July 2016Hey guys, Blizzard advised me that they would have to protect a lot of functions related to the group finder as the number of automated groups created by addons (including WQGF) was causing major lags for some players (I personally never encountered that myself). The hotfix is already live and unfortunately, it seems like there is no way to fix WQGF, as all the automation is not possible anymore. It was great working on the addon and sharing with the community. Robou submitted by /u/Robou_ [link] [comments]...

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