Lineage of Elves and Trolls (Updated)

The Elves and Trolls of Azeroth


Previous one blew up so here is an updated version of my evolutionary chart of both Trolls and Elves.


<=> Means they are more or less the same race disregarding their beliefs, practices or loyalties.


Currently creating another chart for the Titanforged Races of Azeroth.


Again, as I stated in the last post a lot of the information I'm using is from Wowpedia, Wowhead and the Wowwiki(less reputable of the three), if you see any contradictions or otherwise feel free to point them out. I enjoyed that a lot of you found flaws or asked questions as I feel discussion is another way we can enjoy the game!


Below is some information I saw that needed more explaining. Feel free to add any of your own. My only assumption is of the Blood Trolls which is detailed further down below.


Highborne or Quel'dorei in Darnassian the language of the Night Elves means "Children of Noble Birth", for thousands of years they used the arcane, even before Queen Azshara came to power. Following the War of the Ancients the Kaldorei majority regarded the remaining Highborne with such disdain they exiled them for continuing to practice the arcane.

Quel'dorei in Thalassian the language of the High and Blood Elves means "High Elves". After their exile from the remnants of Night Elven society and the creation of The Sunwell their appearance drastically changed.

"Highborne" also can be used to denote an elves' societal status. The Nightborne or Shal'dorei were seen to continuing the same social caste practices that were prevalent in ancient Night Elven society.

Following the corruption of The Sunwell the remaining High Elves who followed Kael'thas Sunstrider to Outland as well as those that remained in Quel'thalas to rebuild their kingdom took on the name Sin'dorei or Blood Elves as a tribute to all those that had been killed by the Scourge.

The "High Elves" we see were those that held onto their loyalty to the Alliance and were repulsed at the vampiric like practices Blood Elves were beginning to use, as such Regent Lord Lor'themar Theron exiled them from Quel'thalas and they rejoined the Alliance in Stormwind. When the Sunwell was eventually restored, some High Elves were allowed to make the pilgrimage back to The Sunwell Plateau.

The main physical difference between both High Elves and Blood Elves of Silvermoon is their eye color. While a majority of Blood Elves didn't take in fel magic directly, fel magic was used to rebuild Silvermoon and as such their eyes turned green due to their proximity to it.

The Worgen have their origins shortly after the War of the Ancients and the Great Sundering. Certain Night Elf druids used the taboo and near uncontrollable Pack Form to ultimately defeat the remaining satyrs and demons in the War of the Satyr.

The Worgen were far too bestial with most of them unable to return to their Night Elven forms. Night Elves wounded by these worgen were cursed to transform into worgen as well. Malfurion Stormrage placed the worgen into a deep slumber beneath the great tree Daral'nir within the Emerald Dream. To contain their curse and bring them peace.

Years later in southern Gilneas, Archmage Arugal released the worgen from the Emerald Dream in a desperate gamble to fight off the invading scourge. After putting off the scourge invasion, the worgen turned on the humans and so the curse of the worgen spread to humans as well.

Blood Trolls, it's an assumption to put them directly descending from the Zandalari but as inhabit Nazmir within Zandalar I feel it's pretty safe to assume at some point they diverged from Zandalari trolls. Their branching off from the Zandalari Trolls could be similar to the Sand Trolls and Jungle Trolls.

Harpies are not on this chart due to the fact that they're descended from the wild god Aviana. The belief that they are cursed Night Elven women who disobeyed Azshara is just an in game legend which is proven false in The World of Warcraft: Ultimate Visual Guide.

If anyone is curious about the Dryads and their male counterparts Keepers of the Groves, they are the Children of Cenarius who is the son of Malorne and Elune. While parts on them look similar to Night Elves and they share a lot of the same beliefs, their origins are different.

Undead Quel'dorei and Kaldorei, during the Great Sundering countless lives were taken as Ancient Kalimdor was torn apart. Many of them still haunt old elven ruins to this day.

The first types of Banshees we're introduced to is in Warcraft III. They are the restless vengeful spirits of both Kaldorei and Quel'dorei who were slaughtered by demons during the War of the Ancients. With a strong hatred of the living it wasn't long before The Lich King Ner'zul recruited them into the Scourge.

There was a very large number High Elves who were raised into Undeath as well as a lot of High Elven Rangers who were raised as Banshees during the destruction of Quel'thalas, most notably is Sylvanas Windrunner who in time was able to reclaim her physical body.

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Why isnt the Legion collectively shitting itself right now?

Lineage of Elves and Trolls (Updated)Were the only planet to successfully beat back 2 invasions. We go to outland and collectively wreck their shit and beat the hell out of Kil'jaeden then we go BACK IN TIME and kill Archimonde. And now, their most recent invasion isnt uhhh.... going to well. We foil their plans, kill one of their most key warlocks on Azeroth (Gul'dan) then we storm the Tomb and attack Kil'Jaeden which ends in him getting killed permanently, then we hijack his ship to drag Argus to our own and then invade Argus and started wreaking havoc on their home world. I imagine all of the Legion should be doing this because it seems like they bit off more than they could chew.

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