Love Boat cooldown renders it unusable (literally)

The Love Boat toy currently has a 1 hour cooldown. I just spent like 6 hours grinding for this for me and my wife to enjoy. Unfortunately on the first attempt of use, the boat immediately despawned due to shallow water apparently.

"OK" I thought, "I'll just try again". Lo and behold, the Toys menu says I have a FIFTY NINE MINUTE AND FOURTY SECOND cooldown.

What the heck?! Why does this fun little cosmetic item (which apparently has buggy spawn conditions) have such a monumental cool-down time? Would it really kill some server somewhere if the item could spawn every 30 seconds?

Could you please reduce the cooldown on this item? After hours of grinding, my wife and I were ready to just enjoy the darned thing, but now we have to wait another hour just to TRY again.

I literally am not able to use the toy... Another toy I have is the Leather Love Seat. Just a little couch that has a 2 minute cool-down. Why's the boat singled out?

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Low DPS with my Unholy DK

Love Boat cooldown renders it unusable (literally)Good evening dear redditors. First of all - enjoying the expansion? 'Cause i'm friggin' loving it! Anyway - let's cut to the chase: my Unholy DK's DPS. I'm at level 110 with a global item level of 838 ( weapon 859 ). During every dungeon (and yesterday in the raid) my friends and other guild members mocked me about my dps. Felt kinda bad honestly - I didn't imagine that kind of "toxic" from them. My DPS went, during the different runs, from 150k to a maximum of 175k, noticing that I usually run out of Runes, having 2-3 seconds of "autoattacks" where everything is on CD or I don't have enough Runes. Here's my rotation on single target: ...