Mains with a long /played- how do you stay interested?

So. I often see people who has a main character with lots of played and always play the same thing. How do you actually manage to play the same character for years with out being interested in if the «gras is greener on the other side»?

I my self is an altoholic. Played for the better part of wod/legion. Never managed to settle on a main. Believe me i try. Gearing multiply characters to a «ok» ilvl is not very fun. But just cant decide as i always see something cool and then want that. Have the better part of the classes over lvl 100 so yeah..

So just out of curiosity. How do you do it? What keeps you engaged with the character you mostly play?

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Blizz PLEASE bring back the armory in working state.

Mains with a long /played- how do you stay interested?So as a returning player i noticed the armory website is pretty much crap. I dunno how it went from what it was to this but this is absolute trash. Is there a production path for this? or is this a dead in the water aspect. The "Go to new wow home" takes me to their stupid front page on the new site that is just cluttered and absolutely an abortion to look at. It is NOT an attractive website to look at - I get lost just looking at it. Theres no guild chat functionality, no interaction with the guild roster to show who's actually online. The old 3D modelling is gone. And unless youre actually looking for it - its not even listed on the home page anymore. For the love of everythi...