Make sure you have the correct "Lag Tolerance" settings.

When I changed my user interface about one year ago, some addon managed to change my lag tolerance settings. So I have been fighting over a year trying to figure out the best settings for my connection until today. I have since learned that lag tolerance plays a small role in your damage numbers. Below are some test results I have been doing because I was pretty bored and curious.

So Blizzard support has told me several times that I want to have my lag tolerance setting anywhere from 50 to 75 points within my latency. From my uneducated testing, I found this to personally not be correct for me. So I did 1 minute tests just casting my Frostbolt.

Out of 200 test runs at 1 minute each with the lag tolerance setting of 100 (50 points above my latency) Frostbolt was cast a total of 33 times for each test.

Out of 200 test runs at 1 minute each with the lag tolerance setting of 300, Frostbolt was cast a total of 40 times for each test.

(To make sure I was getting accurate numbers and so people wouldn't go "But TheOMB, you were probably pressing your hotkey faster!" Ahah!! I thought of that and went ahead and made a macro through my keyboard that all I need to do is hold the button down and it will continuously play the hotkey without having to lift my finger off the button)

So it appears to me that the higher my lag tolerance is the more casts I can get off. The lower the lag tolerance is, the less casts I can get off. I haven't tested with instant spell casts yet, but as far as hard casting spells it seems you want a really high lag tolerance to get more casts off. Also, it seems that from 250 to 400 (Which I think is the max lag tolerance setting) it doesn't make a difference as it always casts 40 times each.. Anything below 250 and I was always casting 33 frostbolts..

EDIT EDIT EDIT: So it seems that all this doesn't apply to instant spells. Casting Ice Lance for 1 minute at all lag tolerance settings always nets me with 52 Ice Lance casts. So this seems to only apply for spells with a hard cast time.

EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT: I also highly recommend if you are going to dick around with your lag tolerance settings, make sure you know the exact number it was originally set to so you can always go back to that if things get messed up.

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