Murloc Monday - ask your questions here!

Aaaaaughibbrgubugbugrguburgle! RwlRwlRwlRwl!
That's murloc for "Welcome to Murloc Mondays - where people can ask any type of question about WoW without getting Strangles by a Death Knight.
Questions can range from whats new in Legion, what class is OP, and how many Demons will it take to down Thrall?
Questions can come from brand new players, players returning, or veteran players who never got a chance to ask the right question.

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I Have A Sad But In The End Happy Story - Big Thank You To My Guild

Murloc Monday - ask your questions here!So, I went on holidays over Christmas to visit a friend in another state, when I returned from my holiday I discovered my PC and all my electronics, Sentimental things and more were stolen. A little bit of backstory, I've been playing WoW on a crappy laptop with 5-20 FPS for years, I recently saved up to buy a new PC which took me a few months but I finally got it about a month before Christmas, so you can see I only had my new awesome PC for a month before it was taken from me. Anyway, once my Guildmates found out what happened, they quickly organized a "Gofundme" for guildies to donate if they so wished, one Guildy also sent his old PC down to another Guildy who lives close t...