My (mis)adventures in running old raids this week...

I had some free time tonight and instead of gearing up decided to run some old content. I was excited to do the Pandaria stuff because I haven't tried to solo it yet. I ran into quite a few, uh, snags. To vent my frustration, I scribbled some MS Paint doodles of my adventures and figured I'd share them. (Please note that I've opened tickets and whatnot don't worry, I'm just posting because maybe someone else can laugh at my misfortune :P )

Here's a link to my doodles: Boop Please excuse my sloppy handwriting

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I have the best guild ever!

My (mis)adventures in running old raids this week...So, I just started WoW as a warrior. This is my first time playing WoW so I was really intrigued. I went to Stormwind and I asked to join a guild. I was sent an invite and I accepted it. They were nice but nothing too special, we chatted and I went on questing. I got to level 10 and was able to become tanky with the shield and one handed spec. Only thing is, I was missing a shield. Oh did I mention I got a hella lot of 16 bags from the guild vault? Well I was missing the shield and I asked for 5 silver so I can buy myself a shield. They told me to check my mail. I did. I got 1,000 gold from one person and the rest of them gave me 100 gold. I now have 3,000 gold. I also have some super cool p...