For the love of Christ, even if you do not complete a mythic in time, stick around to finish it. It is still worth something from the chest if it is someone's highest they have done all week plus you just look like an ass for leaving when the timer runs out. Not everyone in this game is as highly skilled as your so called "elitist" self. Do not be a dick to others just because a mythic + doesn't go your way, especially if it is not even your key. I am talking to you, Hunter who shall not be named.

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Legendary Drops - What you think of them now half way through?

MYTHIC DESERTERSBefore the expansion people argued over the availability of Legendary items being dropped randomly in Legion. These remarks were pushed aside by release and now that we are half way through - whats your opinion now? It's my opinion that Legendary items have simply replaced raid quality world epics from previous expansions. And in all honesty have tarnished previous legendary items in the process. They are predominantly unknown items unlike previous which either had existing lore or lore added through raid tier they dropped. The weapons were were given by questing have the attachment previous legendary items had in the past. I question why developers didn't simply label them legenda...