New Tank Looking to Start Raiding - Any other newish players want to learn to raid together?

Hi All!

Are you a fairly new 110 player that wants to get into raiding but has been too scared to jump in? Does the advice 'to find a good guild' not make any sense to you because you don't know what makes a good guild? Do you ever have the desire to learn to raid yourself and get a sense of accomplishment out of overcoming a boss with a group of players that is learning with you, rather than all the 10 year vets (I love you WoW vets, you taught me so much!). Do you want a stress free environment where we can take things at our own pace?

Let me tell you my story! I'm a pretty new Blood DK player, who just has fallen in love with WoW. Hit a major accomplishment last night with my first +15 dungeon cleared (mostly thanks to DPS and heals!). I've been very cautious about getting involved with coop gameplay, taking it a bit at a time.

Raids have been particularly scary for me, having so many people involved. But hearing all the chatter about Antorus made me finally want to make the leap. All the advice is "find a good guild", which I don't really know how to do, and most guilds seem to have plenty of tanks which is sad, since I started tanking because it was super in demand and forced me to learn the game better!

Anyway, I figure there MUST be other players that want to raid, but for any number of reasons has resisted! I figure if there are a bunch of us, who knows, maybe we could form a guild or something, or just raid together, whatever! Just thought I'd post this to see if anyone would be interested in this sort of thing!

Feel free to reply here or PM me!

I'm US - Horde on Thrall. But I'd be willing to realm switch!

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