Nobody is obligated to give you gear

These past few weeks I've noticed a rise of people freaking out in chat and harassment if someone doesn't give them gear in LFR.

There are plenty of reasons why they want to keep a piece you think they don't need. Maybe they want to shard it, maybe they want the appearance for transmog, maybe they need it for an alternative gear set, maybe they want to give it to someone else in the raid, or maybe they just don't like the way you asked.

Nobody is obligated to give you their gear. Politely ask, and if they don't want to give it to you, except it and move on.

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My greatest regret; My largest achievement. The story of too many Gorillas.

Nobody is obligated to give you gearWith the introduction of the new glyphs for legion; one glyph specifically caught my eye, and that would be glyph of the dire stable. The idea of the glyph is simple. Instead of random zone by zone pets summoned by dire beast; you'll have a chance to summon a pet from your stables. In my mind that meant one thing; minimize the amount of my pets in my stable, to guarantee the summoning of one specific pet. In case you're not aware, my hunter is Jimmy of korgath, reknowned Gorilla tamer. Therefor, if there is a possibility of summoning multiple gorillas, I'm all about that. So the good news, is my theory was correct. If your stables is consisting only of a few pets; the dire beas...