NPCs constantly referring to allied races as "Lightforged draenei" and "Highmountain tauren" seems verbose and redundant.

"No puny Lightforged draenei can stop me!"  

"Hail, Lightforged draenei. You look like a brave adventurer."  

"Won't you help me find my cow, Lightforged draenei?"


It also makes for awkwardly large tooltips when mousing over players. What do you think the odds are for us to get it shortened to just "Lightforged," "Highmountain," "Zandalari," etc. in the game files?

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MM vs BM

NPCs constantly referring to allied races as So I have a 880 ilvl MM hunter that I only use for pvp random BGs nothing rated. I have only ever been a casual player since wotlk but I have some friends that are going to start playing again and I want to start doing Mythics and Raids with them. I have all artifact power spent on MM and I absolutely love MM in random BGs. I have read that BM is generally better for pve dps. My question is this: can I stay MM and still be able to do decent dps in Mythics and Raids? I am fairly ignorant on the status of hunters in pve so forgive me if there is an obvious answer. Any help/advise would be greatly appreciated! Edit: Great comments everyone! Thank you for your help! submitted by /...