Protection Paladin Block Chance Is Bugged

No, your survivability isn't as bad as you thought. No, spamming cooldowns like you're playing Beethoven's 5th against trash just to stay alive is NOT normal. You're not alone.

Many prot pallies (myself included) are blocking significantly fewer attacks than they should be (especially melee ones). I, personally, should be blocking 45% of melee attacks (20% base and 25% from mastery). I tested my block chance against withered shamblers for 600 attacks (being sure to face them at all times) and blocked 12% of the hits. Just over 1/4 of what I should be.

If this is happening to you or you want something to be done, please raise awareness and report it. As of right now, there has been no comment from Blizzard of any kind. Thank you for your time.

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If You Were in the World of Warcraft IRL, What Race/Class Combo Would You Be?

Protection Paladin Block Chance Is BuggedI'd be a Goblin Priest, I think. I lived deep in NYC for a while, so I sometimes get a bit of the accent back, which sounds like the Goblins, I'm a pretty short dude, too. I'm Jewish, which gets me the Best Deals Anywhere racial, and while I'm not suuuuuper religious, I'm still pretty observant and like to help and defend those who can't for themselves, and since Paladins aren't an option, Priests are the second option. submitted by /u/anossXVIII [link] [comments]...