Questing in Vashj'ir is the most terrifying experience I've had in a while.

As someone who played Vanilla for a couple months in high school, and only came back after Draenor, I never did any of the quests in Vashj'ir even when leveling my first couple of characters to max.

Decided to finally touch the area, and now I wish I hadn't. From the giant sea serpents and sharks wandering the areas I'm questing through, to the giant crevice of darkness you have to swim over to get to some areas, to the Lovecraftian old god horrors the quests keep hinting at, I'm afraid to even leave my NPC friends in the safety of our caves.

Vashj'ir is not a place for someone with a deep fear of the ocean, no need to add in Cthulhu monsters.

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Win your own 3D printed Underlight Angler artifact

Questing in Vashj'ir is the most terrifying experience I've had in a while.A while back we posted a thread on the /r/wow sub asking which artifact weapon you would like to see 3D printed. Naturally everyone picked the fishing pole, probably the hardest one to print that you could have chosen. Thanks for that! We put the call out to the MyMiniFactory community and the very talented Jill Cope answered the call and offered to give it a go, and we think she did an incredible job. Jill Cope is a fantastic designer who specialises in all things props & cosplay and a big Blizzard fan, be sure to check out all of her other designs here: If you like what she does go and show her some love via social media and her website: ...