Quick & Easy Guide to Catching Up in Legion (7.3.2)


This is a quick and easy overview to get you pointed in the right direction if you have a fresh 110 character and no idea what to do next. It's mainly for players getting to 110 for the first time, but may also be useful for people who took a break around the end of The Nighthold and now are coming back and wanting to get back into action with a character that has sat for the better part of the last year. The information is current as of Patch 7.3.2.


Generally as a fresh 110 the most useful things to you are: (1) gear and relics; (2) artifact power; and (3) order hall resources. Better gear is useful for all open world and instanced content, and you quickly can raise your item level to 900+ and beyond now with easy mode soloable content. Artifact Power unlocks more traits on your artifact and eventually bonus traits through the Netherlight Crucible. Order Resources let you unlock order hall perks and run order hall missions, which will get you more of (1) and (2) quicker and easier.


First, for gear, start with any world quests in any Legion zone you can reach that give a gear item or relic. You can keep doing these until the advertised base item level is no longer an upgrade for whatever slot the item is for. If you mostly solo, these quests are far the easiest and quickest way to fill your slots with good starter gear.

After you have the weekly and world quests unlocked on Argus, you can acquire Veiled Argunite in quantity, which can be used to buy 910+ gear from the ethereal vendor on the lower level of the Vindicaar. This currently is the top readily available catch up gear for strictly solo players and the main source of gear outside of instances for gearing beyond item level 900.

Second, for AP, do the same with any world quests you see that offer an artifact power token.

Third, same for order resources; do any world quests that offer them. The weekly world boss quests, emissary boxes, and the occasional world quest weekly bonus event will give some bonus resources.

I also recommend going to the Wardens reputation vendor and getting a Bloodhunter shoulder enchant as soon as you are revered with Wardens. This will give you a decent amount of bonus Blood of Sargeras drops, which you can trade in for more order resources at a vendor in Dalaran.

The weekly world bosses in the Broken Isles and the greater invasion points on Argus also drop high item level gear that will be useful, and they give large rewards of AP or resources.


Beyond doing useful world quests, there are several broad story line or campaign arcs you can work through to unlock more world quests and get access to more lucrative zones.

First, work through your Order Hall Campaign until it is all done. This will give some large bonus rewards of order resources and a full roster of champions to run missions with.

Second, complete the Broken Shore campaign, which unlocks the final tier of order hall perks and an extra champion and champ slot. You also will get some nethershards you can cash in at a vendor on the Broken Shore for some possibly useful gear (but don't worry about getting completely geared here).

Third, start the Argus campaign (which you actually can do before you finish the Broken Shore, if you want). Playing through this will unlock Argus world quests and order hall missions, and the Netherlight Crucible, which enables a final set of bonus traits for your artifact. You also will unlock catch up missions that will let you quickly raise the item level of your order hall champions, which will make them more effective on their missions.

Once you have Argus fully unlocked, the world quests there will be the most lucrative for getting more and better gear, AP, and resources. But all of the legion zone world quests still are worth doing at least when the emissaries are up for them, since you can continue to earn reward boxes from paragon reputation levels.


The order hall missions that give item level upgrades and gear items to go in your champions' three gear slots are best to focus on at first, to make your champions more effective. Eventually you will want all your active champions upgraded to "Titled" quality (this takes a while), and with bonuses that let you get 200% success chance on as many missions as you can run, for the most efficient conversion of resources to rewards.

I suggest focusing first on your champions that directly counter threats (hazards, minions, spells) and running gear missions to get each of them three items (green, blue, and purple) that give them a percent success bonus on missions with the same threat that they counter.

Eventually you will unlock missions that reward Blood of Sargeras. These are good to run since they give back more resources than they cost, if you trade the blood in for resources. But only do these if you can get 200% success chance and no cost penalties; if they are run with a cost penalty in effect then you will net nothing from them since the cost equals or exceeds the reward.


Flying is super nice to have, and if you played through most of the zones while leveling you probably already did much that is needed for it. Check out the requirements for Broken Isles Pathfinder and work on any that you're lacking as you go along doing other things to get geared up and finish the campaigns.


As soon as you reach the appropriate gear levels, you can start running heroic dungeons and LFR for more useful gear and artifact power rewards. (Group Finder will tell you the required item level for each queue if you're not already at or above it.) Also make sure to do the weekly timewalking bonus events whenever they are up, since you get at least one piece of high end raid gear from the weekly.

Eventually, when you're up to a decent item level, you can take a look at mythic plus or normal and heroic raids to max out your gear. (I assume if you have a serious desire to get into mythic raiding you will figure that out on your own, and that's well beyond the scope of any "fresh 110" guide.)

Once you match or exceed the base item level of an instance it'll be easier to get or form groups to run it with little trouble. This is easier than it sounds with all the alternative sources of high ilvl gear, and the fact that the weapon and your legendaries give you a substantial item level bonus even if the rest of your gear is a little low.

Just to put some numbers on this, you should be able quickly to get to 900+ from solo world questing and dungeon finder / raid finder, once you have your first two legendaries and decent relics. By the time you're into Argus, you can get to 930+ easily without doing any group content at all. And that should get you well ready to do Antorus Normal with some success, even in PUGs.

If you find a good guild somewhere along the way with people you can group up with regularly for mythic plus and raids, then this whole process can be even more accelerated. But even on your own you'll progress rapidly and should get geared up quickly with little trouble from all of the above.


Somewhere in all of this you may pick up a side quest line from the Light's Heart in your order hall that is about Illidan, but you don't need to finish that straight off, unless you want to. The dungeon grinding part of it is a bit tedious and the gear rewards probably will be obsolete by the time you get them. I suggest leaving it for later if you're interested in the story.

The Broken Shore is useful for the order hall unlocks, and also for the short quest lines that reward your class mount and allow you to attempt the Mage Tower challenges. But beyond those perks it's mostly obsolete now and has been replaced by Argus as a catch up zone, so don't spend too much time there before moving on to get Argus finished for the better catch up gear and higher tiers of order hall missions.

The Suramar campaign is long and well worth playing through, and has some nice rewards at the end, but the only major thing deadlocked behind it is flying, which requires that you finish Good Suramaritan. (You don't need to finish the later part called Insurrection for the flying unlock.) You'll want to get this done sooner than later just for the sake of flying, but it's not strictly required right away. Insurrection gives you a very pretty flying mount at the end and some large AP bonus rewards, but you can finish it at your leisure.

You also will run across other side quests and fun stuff like the Deaths of Chromie scenario, which you can do at any time, but aren't strictly required (e.g., the archaeology achieve for an artifact tint and the fishing artifact grind).

In your order hall, you may want to avoid the "Elite Strike" missions. The payouts for them are high, but they mainly benefit you if you need to queue up missions and won't log in again for several days. Generally you can get better returns running several regular missions for less cost and time, as long as you're logging in at least daily to refresh them. With the right setup of champions with a lot of mission time reduction items, these may be possible to run more profitably, so YMMV.

There probably are other things I'm forgetting that you could do but don't desperately need; if it isn't in the critical path for a campaign story line, and if it doesn't give you gear, AP, or resources, it's probably something you can skip and come back to later when you feel like it.

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