Redundancy in Classes

I originally started playing this game as Alliance forever and a half ago. Now though I exclusively play Horde because that's where my guild / home is. I have practically every class at 110 on Horde (as soon as 7.3.5 drops I'll have the rest of them, just saved a couple for level scaling).

Anyways, I'd like to play an Alliance character or two just because I sometimes miss Ironforge and just want something different. Easy enough, just level an alliance toon, right? Well my issue is that I feel like its redundant to level multiple of the same class to max.

I was curious how you guys felt about this? Do you have multiple max toons of the same class for different factions or any reason at all? If you do feel like its redundant and a waste of time how do you deal with it?

TLDR I'd like to experience the other side, but feel like it's a waste of time.

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