Returning player. Ding 110 to-do checklist?

Hey! I just recently got back to WoW from a pause since patch where ToV was released.

Now there are many "old" things to do in Legion. Class campaing and order hall stuff. We have Suramar and the Broken Shore. We even have the Illidan quest chain.

My question is, as a freshly dinged 110 character in patch 7.3 is there anything prior Argus that is necessary to do? (I have unlocked the Broken Isles flying). Should I skip everything and rush to Argus as soon as possible if I only care about character progression and strength. I don't care much for questing for lore/story this time around.


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I have done them all so you won't try any (don't do that while on Argus Antoran Wastes)

Returning player. Ding 110 to-do checklist?While playing the new Argus patch on PTR, on Antoran Wastes I have tried different things: I jumped on the Fel Core (the big Fel / Lava substance which surrounds the place). There is no way to get your corpse back, you have to resurrect at the Spirit Healer. I have stayed in the fel storm / tornado thingy. Guess what... you are going to die :) The good news is you can get your corpse back I have stayed off the shelter while ship bombardments where on. You die! (You can get your corpse back) I walked the Burning Breach bridge. I have died like 4-5 times until the end. Managed to reach the other side. Path is blocked for upcoming patches and there is nothing there but a close-up view of the p...