Shout out to Alleria and Turelyon

I feel like I need to say this, but I love the relationship Alleria and her husband have. It's exactly as it should be for a married couple. There is love, and trust there. She surrenders herself to Xe'ra trusting in her husband, and once she is free, not once does Turelyon question her on it, rather comfort her on the fact that it will be okay. It's just refreshing after seeing so many romance "couples" in fiction, there is one that shows just what exactly real love is all about; trust.

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Warning: DO NOT queue for RBG during non-peak hours

Shout out to Alleria and TurelyonDue to the win-trading going on currently there is a chance you will queue against win-traders. They are going to drop immediately to go re-queue against the buyers. If you see a team leave or disappear at the start, leave the game immediately. Anyone who queues against them will be flagged for permaban. Even if you didn't pay for the trade. Blizzard's automated system does not care and innocents caught in this cannot overturn bans. Be VERY careful with RBG's now. It is not worth losing everything. submitted by /u/Quewhats [link] [comments]...