So my brother has started to play again...

My younger brother and I were never too close, because I left my parents home too early. But as I returned to WoW last week, he decided to return too (he stopped playing in WoTLK), so we can have something in common to talk. The first thing he noticed was that we got no money to buy the 20k Mammoth that he dreamed to buy in WoTLK.

So, thinking about motivate him to play, I just sent the following letter:

"Brother Galard,

Those are dire times and the Church of Light is worried whether we will win this war against Legion. Based on the thought that we can only foresee tragedy and defeat, we are making huge investments to preserve our army.

I just sent you the amount of 20.000 golden coins in order to help you in our campain. Use the money wisely, as it comes from The Light itself.

This world could always use more heroes.

Best Regards, High Priestess (and your sister) Dielithe"

To which he replied:

"High Priestess, I understand what the Church of Light has to pay the for the Scroll of Ressurrection.

I won't fail the Horde this time.

Champion Galard"

And I thought it was nice :D

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