Some quests desperately need e rework - Exhibit a: The Softest Wings

Seriously... while leveling my Alt last night, I came across this quest in Blade's Edge, Outland: The softest Wings

The prerequisites are rather simple: Collect 12 Iridescent Wings from Silkwing Moths. But how you do it is the kicker... and not even described in the quest.

SO let me walk you through this abomination of a quest: The Matured Silkwings in the quest area do not drop wings as of 7.3.5 (they did before according to some comments on wowhead), because why would they...? In order to get the quest Items, you have to attack the Larva slugging around. Get them down to 25% health to get a chance of them hatching into actual Silkwing moths (wich takes around 5 Seconds to hatch, so don't kill them). Kill the hatched Moth to have a chance of them dropping a wing. One. Because why would a moth with 4 wings drop more than one? Exactly.
Not all Larva will transform into Moths (about 1 in 4) and not every Moth will then drop a Wing (about 1 in 5). And that's for a mob of wich around 6 or 7 are present in the whole quest area...

All in all it took me 147 kills and just around 35 Minutes to complete this one quest... Why blizzard?

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After playing my priest alt over the weekend, I have an appreciation for those who main priest.

Some quests desperately need e rework - Exhibit a: The Softest WingsDoing any kind of quest alone is a chore. Normally quest mobs that take 3 GCDs to kill on any other class takes what seems like ages- my only saving grace is that I have a KJ's Burning Wish. Doing the RP quest lines for 7.2 I avidly avoid any kind of engagement or as little as possible as it feels if I am attacked by more than 2 mobs at anytime I am boned. How priest players main priest and are able to put up with it on dealing with solo content is beyond my patience :<. submitted by /u/Ele5ion [link] [comments]...