Stuff they can carry over from Legion into Battle for Azeroth

If I had a choice between grinding mobs, doing dailies or doing world quests, I think I'd pick world quests. They get you out into the world so you aren't sitting in a hub all day. They get you fighting bosses, and doing specialised objectives. It's some new shit to do everyday. I think this format can really be expanded upon.

I also hope they keep the class-specific content. Not necessarily having a class hall, but having a section of the world (maybe just a hub within the capitals) dedicated to your class, as well as class-specific quest-lines.

I know there wont be a suramar, but a max-level zone with a dedicated quest line attached to it would be awesome. Maybe to be added in a later patch. I really enjoyed Suramar.

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Wow is something different

Stuff they can carry over from Legion into Battle for AzerothWow has gave me an escape. Not just from life but from the bad things my bad friends got me into. I have a theft 3 on my record coming off soon, and a MIP i'm currently fighting. Instead of going out at 2 am to a party i'm staying up to get to the next level and listen to nice music or watch new netflix shows while playing the game. I love things that i can go in depth in and keep discovering new things, and that's exactly what wow has gave me. So yes i might play games more than others but i'm spending the time doing this instead of getting drunk or high with my friends, and accomplishing my homework. Tl;dr: Wow has changed my life for the better submitted by ...