Suggestion to Blizzard: Introduce one player scenario versions of lower level raids to finish off the expansion stories while levelling

The zone scaling has made a phenomenal positive difference to the levelling experience, particularly in regards to the stories of each zone and being able to experience them to their fullest. However, a side effect of this is that it makes it all the more jarring when you finish an expansion’s zones after having experienced the development of the story leading towards what would have been end-game content only to then get sent to a new expansion’s zones where everything is forgotten. It is like reading the first half of a book and then stopping and reading the first half of the next book in the series.

A solution to this could be to make scenario versions of all of the old raids, maybe with a Lorewalker Cho type guide for them. They’ve re-used old content many times before, i.e. the Nexus dungeon has been re-used at least once for the Cata legendary staff quest line and we’ve been sent back to various old dungeons and raids for artifact and class hall quest lines. I’ve also been to Black Temple a few times for the MoP warlock green fire quest line and Legion’s Illidan quest line.

I’m not talking about anything fancy - they could just have it so that it’s you plus 19 npc’s going at each boss with an in-scenario quest line with some minimal text descriptions (no additional voice acting necessary) to take you through the ‘raid’, simplifying mechanics greatly. As a bonus, these instances could give a chunk of xp, which could also go a way to ameliorate the people that are unhappy that the levelling process is taking longer as well as giving new players a soft introduction to ‘raids’ as they level up. It would also make more sense when you do reach end-game content and NPCs are talking to you like you’re this great hero, a champion of Azeroth, who has saved the world countless times when you feel like all you’ve mainly been doing is killing some crocolisks and reliving beer to dwarves and pandas.

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