Summary of much needed improvements to PvP.

PvP has hit an all-time low and I feel like I need to get this off my chest somehow.

I will repeat some of the points that this thread pointed out, but I truly feel like it needs more attention.


  1. Need more rewards, currently there is not a single reason to do PvP rewardwise, no enchants, no tabards, and now you need 2900 rating for gladiator, which is next to impossible cause people will sit rating, and when there is such a low amount of players actually doing PvP you'll queue into the same people every time, which will bring me into my next point.

  2. There shouldnt be comps you will lose to 100% of the time. If a spec that revolves around posions (assasination rogues) queue into a paladin, you have lost from the beginning.

  3. Low skill cap, especially in 2s the skillcap is insanely low and mostly revolved around which spec you play. Its pretty much about who can put out the most damage, and certain specs do more damage than others. I've witnessed many times that people just spam /wait and just sit around for 10 minutes for dampeding to hit 70%.

  4. Unbalanced PvP, the PvP scene is so unbalanced right now that there is just no point playing certain classes because you will get dumpstered. Classes need to bring something unique, why play with a demonhunter when you can have a feral or a monk. There are many cases of this where no one would want x because they could just ALWAYS bring x.

  5. Dont let people sit rating for the entire season, this pretty much speaks for itself. People will find the best classes and get super high rating with it before it gets hotfixed and just sit their rating for safe gladiator the entire season.

  6. Gearing system revolving around 100% RNG and honor talents grind. You should be able to level honor levels on your alts faster depending on what pristige your main is. Or atleast something that will speed it up.

  7. Mobility is a huge issue I think, some classes have nothing at all where some have everything (perma passive slows) and 3 (4 including arcane) blinks.

  8. There are also minor other things that need improvements, like duels are completaly unbalanced and is nothing like any other PvP. There is no point trying to practice with duels because you will not be able to apply it to your gameplay due to what i stated above.

  9. Considering ALOT of WoW's promotion on twitch comes from PvP, I think it diserves more attention. ANY attention really, because its been unspoken of for a long time. Alot of people remembers Reckful 3 or Braindeadly/Jimos as amazing content. Now we barely see anything.

If there is more you'd like to add then post it below and I will edit the post.

Merry christmas everybody :)

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