Taming Fenryr post patch 7.3 mini guide.

Encounter took me 1 minute 41 seconds item lvl equipped 918:

BW macro that I used /cast Bestial Wrath /cast Aspect of the Wild /cast Blood Fury /use Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish /use Potion of Prolonged Power /cast Netherwinds

replace the components that doesn't suit you and your pet and thats your initiator.

Advice: Put a freezing trap down at your feet and wait til a new one is off cooldown before you pull, this will allow you to freeze 2 wolves incase your pet doesn't get aggro.

keep mend pet up!

Distance yourself properly from the boss and you might be able to save aspect of the turtle for later when/if your pet dies

Clear trash around the inner circle and you can kite him, even as bm, I prefer my pet not getting aggro after his first death and I kite him around the inner circle I cleared.

Have your pet in tenacity spec and get the talent that reduces the dmg he takes for 30% after using kill command.

Save your disengages for his leaps.

I guess the last thing I'm going to add is that I use the exhiliration heal when my pet is below 20-30% health to increase how long he can tank the boss.

If I forgot addressing something or you have other questions please leave a comment :) Also I was ilvl 918 equipped doing this.

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