Teleporters within raids randomly killing people since Antorus launch

So basically since the launch of Antorus raid, I (and some of my guildmates) had the problem of randomly dying after using a teleporter. This has happened a few times when teleporting to Argus' room after killing Aggramar, to both me people in my raid.

I didn't have any problem with it, since it was just a minor annoyance up until 2 days ago, when the same thing happened to a friend in Mythic ToV. We were going for "The Chosen" achievement, for those of you who don't know it, you basically need to stay alive throughout the entire raid up until you kill Helya. After we killed the first boss Odyn, with everyone alive, my friend interracted with Odyn in order to teleport to Stormheim, where you kill mobs on the way to Helheim portal. Instead of landing on the ground, she suddenly died for no reason (not from fall damage, she was already dead when she was in the air) and lost her "Trial of the Chosen" buff. This is understandably frustrating, since the entire raid (apart from her and two people who failed during Helya) got the title.

I have searched the official forums and this subreddit for more information on the topic, but I couldn't find much. I wanted to know if any of you guys encountered the same problem.

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Teleporters within raids randomly killing people since Antorus launchCerli is about to hit 53 traits in his Unholy DK artifact weapon and will only have one trait to go until the alleged cap. He got his 5th legendary today and has been grinding for quite some time to get it since the soft-cap was removed. He's also been streaming every day @ ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ CERLI TAKE OUR ENERGY ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ submitted by /u/cloudberrylive [link] [comments]...