Thalyssra does not say "As for me, I am going to test my skill in Ashenvale. For the Horde!"

Back when 7.3.5 was being datamined, WoWHead found this string and attributed it to Thalyssra. For those who don't know, datamined lines don't show the NPC supposed to say them. It wasn't a "change" by Blizzard, instead it was actually a misguided assumption by WoWHead.

The line is actually said by Halian Shlavahawk, a Highmountain Tauren.

Halian Shlavahawk is a Highmountain tauren located in the Valley of Strength in Orgrimmar. Once he met the adventurer, he resolved to go to Ashenvale.

He is later found deceased on the border between Ashenvale and Northern Barrens, exactly at Mor'shan Rampart's border end with the Fallen Sky Lake of the Ashenvale Forest.

Many people were furious of her saying such things to a race that helped her in Suramar.

Today we know that's not the case. Not only that, being said by a Highmountain Tauren, and having this kind of consequence, it leads to the thought that Blizzard is willing to cater to the requests of having more savage Night Elves.

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I feel like the class hall set should be a much stronger set of armor, or at least let us upgrade them all to 850.

Thalyssra does not say Seriously, we work hard to get exalted with the Nightfallen to get the only set of 850 shoulders out of the class hall set, when the rest of it you can only upgrade to a maximum of 840 which are easily replaced. It sucks because the 8 piece set bonus isn't that bad for some classes, and all that work basically just turns it into a complete transmog item set with nothing else going for it. They should allow us to upgrade it all the way to 850 so it'll at least be somewhat useful. submitted by /u/CaptainClincher [link] [comments]...