Thankful for WoW

This is a bit of a rant post but I'm sorry as things are bad right now.

I don't know if you all of you but Southern California has been clobbered this last month by fires, and today I woke up to the news that my house has been partially ruined by a mudslide. Massive rains hit last night and brought all the debris from the mountains down since the fire burned the mountains everything just fell down and nothing soaked in.

My family and I evacuated last night to a hotel so we are safe, except for my Dad, he stayed the night because he has the flu so that's another story but he is alright at the moment!

Anyways I know that my Xbox is destroyed since it was in the house so I have been playing WoW on my laptop this last month. WoW has been helpful for staying calm and since it is so mobile I've been able to play on my MacBook Pro! Just want to say thank you for this game and this community for distracting me.

Sorry for this serious post. Thank you for reading if you did.

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A tale of abandonment, determination, and victory

Thankful for WoWI, a level 72 hunter join the queue for a random dungeon, and after a few minutes get put into a group for The Nexus. The tank leaves shortly after we get into the dungeon, followed by the healer and one of the DPS. There's just me and a frost mage left. I suggest we have a go at clearing trash towards the first boss while we wait for the group to fill, "sure, why not" is the response, so we off go using all of the crowd control, pet tanking and target marking we can muster. We get to the first boss, still no new members, so we decide to try our luck at 2-manning the first boss. Food buffs were had, cooldowns were blown, pets were killed, but the boss fell. And there was much...

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