The levelling rework got me thinking; do prospective new players feel alienated not knowing the context of The Cataclysm that starter zones bring up?

I'm a pretty low-level player, around 30. I play on and off at a snail's pace with a nelf main. I've always been able to enjoy the experience of playing the game between liking the scenery, RP server, a suite of presentation addons, and playing it with my significant other.

But I've heard that the levelling rework - with enemies getting more health being significant, as is the scaling / openness of choice - is sorely needed because apparently the game has problems with new player retention. I can imagine it. If not for the things I listed above, I don't think I would have stayed on. (I don't consider playing at a snail's pace to be a detriment, that's just how I play some stuff) Enemies fall very quick and I don't feel like I was 'getting a full grip' on my class. This becomes exacerbated when playing an arcane mage but the prot warrior boyfriend often ends up charging stuff to death while I'm still trying to get on my power ramp. That's why I look forward to the levelling rework, and that - alongside the changes to talent / spell progression with each expac - shows that Blizzard do care about the early levelling experience.

The problem is, have others felt alienated by the fact that early levelling content often revolves around picking up the debris of the Cataclysm [event]? I was in circles tangential to WoW years before I started playing, so I had a general understanding of 'when this expac comes out, a dragon messes the world up and that's the excuse to redesign the base game'.

And still, I sometimes felt alienated from the experience. Teldrassil has a lot of dialogue about 'oh boy, it sure is nice we got spared from The Cataclysm!' Go to Darkshore, and the entire questline is 'Hey, uh, everything's all in disarray and Auberdine is smashed because of The Cataclysm (and bad snake lady).'

And I'm trying to imagine what it'd be like reading all this stuff if I didn't know generalities about the Cataclysm back from before it even happened. What would it be like for someone whose only knowledge of WoW is 'big game, the 'try for free' button is right there next to Overwatch, going to give it a shot, maybe a friend plays it'?

Sometimes it really, really feels like all the Cataclysm stuff - which is now everyone's entry point - was strongly written to favour people who've been playing the game since more than seven years ago.

I know we're unlikely to see a Big World Redo ever again, so it is moot, but I can't help but get it out of my head that Blizz are trying to fix the new player experience when the Cataclysm is lurking in the background of so much of the start of the game.

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Grandma has been playing WoW for almost 10 years now...

The levelling rework got me thinking; do prospective new players feel alienated not knowing the context of The Cataclysm that starter zones bring up?My fiance's grandmother has been playing WoW with her since Burning Crusade. It's one of her favorite things to do. She may not be top DPS, and she's almost guaranteed to die from standing in things she shouldn't be, but she always tries her best. We have a small, casual guild on Drak'thul that's fully cleared N Nighthold and just last week downed Trilliax on Heroic. Grandma makes it to every raid and is always entertaining. The reason I wanted to share this is today is Grandma's 66th birthday. My fiance had a small request that she wanted to share: Hey guys, today is my grandmas birthday. She's been playing wow with me for almost 10 years,and it's hones...