The one feature introduced in legion that I haven't seen get nearly enough love

the updated flight path map system. The fact that you can zoom in on each zone in the broken isles, see where all the quest markers are easily to identify quickly which one is closest to your quests, it really shows a stark difference every time I leave the broken isles, and it has broken me for levelling Alts. If I'm levelling an Alt, I always get pissed off at the flight masters, how close together some of the icons can be because the zones are so small, how i have to check my map to see which flight point is closest to a quest when in legion you can do that on the same screen as the flight point and then just click it and WOOSH you're off.

I swear, if the ONLY additions to older zones is level scaling and updated maps that let you zoom in and see quest markers, I'll still be thrilled

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