The Titanforged and their Descendants

The Titan Forged and their Descendants

Another evolutionary chart! The other one blew up, I posted an amended one, so here is one for the races that have their core lineages directly linked to the Titans.

  • This includes only Azeroth races with Titan origins, those from Draenor will be on another.

  • Despite the Dragonflights being reshaped by the Titans they're getting their own chart in time.

  • The giants on this are those directly created by the Titanic Keepers so the elemental giants aren't included.

  • Many Watchers were created during the war against the Black Empire, the more notable ones were granted immense power by the Pantheon.

  • The remaining Keepers are Archaedas, Loken, Thorim, Freya, Mimiron, Hodir, Tyr, Ra and Odyn.

  • The first Val'kyr was Helya who was a Watcher Sorceress until Odyn forcibly transformed her.

  • The Val'kyr in game are both those created or recruited by The Lich King and those created by Odyn.

  • Spirit Healers are Val'kyr who remained within the Shadowlands to guide dead mortals back to the realm of the living.

  • The Dwarves and Giants and the branches beneath are just arranged the way they are for the sake of being organized.

  • Vrykul and Valarjar can have their souls pulled to Helheim where they're transformed into Kvaldir so that's why the branches on those three might look odd.

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Wow doesn't always have to be the bad influence

The Titanforged and their DescendantsI just received back my medical economic dissertation I wrote on the Corrupted Blood Incident of 2005 and received higher marks than I ever could have imagined. I've been playing this game for about 11 years, and I can say it's most likely the longest standing thing in my life besides my family. I just wanted to say thank you to all the community that has kept me playing. Theres been good and bad times, but the good people and strong bonds I've formed in game have kept me playing all this time, and allowed me to be so engaged in the game to actually write a part of my degree on it. submitted by /u/Lidjitsu [link] [comments]...