They say nobody ever leaves WoW...

and it's true, we all come back, one way or another.

And those that don't? They leave behind a part of themselves, a part of their lives, and to me, that is too high a price to pay.

So why am I making this post? I'm on yet another hiatus, another one of many, it seems, in recent years. But I can't leave - and a big part of that is the music.

Even if I don't feel like playing WoW, I can always go back and appreciate the incredible journey I and all of us, have made over the years.

The music is a collective history for all of us, and our experiences, our memories, our joys, a time or the times of our lives.

And this music, is what makes me resub every single damn time.

Go here:

Read the comments. Is there a single person out of anyone who will not smile involuntarily, or grimace in rueful remembrance?

This game was my life, and it is a part of who I am for better of worse.

Guess this means I'm scratching off my game time.

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Low FPS on good PC (i7 6700K + GTX 970)

They say nobody ever leaves WoW...Hi, I did everything I can to solve this problem before writing here, but no solution. I have PC which has; Intel i6700K Nvidia GTX 970 4GB 16GB 3600Mhz DDR4 Memory SSD Z170a MSI gaming mainboard Windows 10 and 100Mbit solid fiber internet connection 1080p 60Hz monitor I think this should be enough to get 60fps, (I even get 70fps at Overwatch with Ultra settings, not that I compare two, it can give you example of nothing wrong with my PC, the issue is specific to WoW, I play other games as well CS GO etc.). My settings at 7 and everything is disabled (antialiasing etc.). I did everything I can find on internet like disabling Windows DVR, streaming options, closing background programs (al...

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