This game feels human again

Just levelling a Highmountain through Ashenvale, on an RP server. Trying to get some signatures for a new guild, posting for it in general chat. Some guy offers, but only if I win a duel. So cue me walking halfway across Ashenvale, only to duel him. Over time, as it took me a while, a crowd formed, I won and got the signature. Never has this game felt so human. God bless you Blizzard (and you too Kaoshen, because I think you let me win).

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Loremaster Challenge part 2

This game feels human againPart 1 here: Looks like it took about 2 weeks, but I have finished the Burning Crusade leg of the loremaster challenge. It ended with more of a whimper than a bang. I did all the big quests, the pre-raid content from A'dal, Akama and the Anti-demon weapon. I then went to the Caverns of Time and finished those dungeon quests as no breadcrumb ever lead there,and then all that was left was the breadcrumb to Karazhan.... which I can't turn in! There guy isn't there anymore from the Legion update! I was level 62 when I stepped into Outland, and I finished at level 79. Part of the star...