This Game Is Simply Amazing!

So after playing every MMO that this world has to offer I chose to try WoW as everyone says The King of MMO’s, (never liked the graphics in comparison with games like Guild Wars 2, TERA, ESO and so on...) and paying a monthly subscription fee too? It just didn’t feel right.

So I gave it a chance, I had to find out why people love this game so much. Oh my... I have to admit... I have never ever in my life sat nearly 4-6 hours a day at the PC gaming as I do now. Although that I’m only level 38 but feels like I’ve seen so much! The map is huge, the world is beautiful, quests are interesting (reading every quests, lol) I wonder what else has this game in stores for me haha, no doubt 15$ is nothing for the content that is offered.

I have zero knowledge about the game, what to do besides quests and grinding for gold and would be very happy if someone could help me with my journey of exploring the World of Warcraft with any noob questions that I’ll have!

Sorry for my English, it is my 3rd language. My battle tag is Rugrat#21437 Playing as a Fire Mage in the Quel’Thalas realm.

Thanks for reading!

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Healer going from FFXIV to WOW. (Pls help me adjust)

This Game Is Simply Amazing!Ok guys, I'm taking a break from FFXIV because of the way content is being designed for the game and the fact that nothing different will probably come out of that game for at least 6 months. Legion is a great experience and I'm finally joinning the WoW team. I love playing as a healer in most MMO's. From all the roles I find the responsabilities of healers and tanks to be engaging and the thrill of turning tables when things get messy or overcoming a difficult encounter is what make me want to play. In FFXIV I played as all three healing jobs in raiding capacity and specially enjoyed Nocturnal Astrologian style of healing. When comming to wow I decided to go with what seemed to ...

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