Tirion Fordring's death was an inside job that the Paladin order KNEW about. Paladin players are PUPPETS. WAKE UP SHEEPLE.(EXPLANATION IN POST)

Think about it, look at the quality of the "Sanctum of Light" beneath lights hope chapel. I don't know how long it has been there, but given the design and quality of architecture, it's had to been in work for at least over a year, well before Fordring's death anyways.

Then ask yourself this: There is a WELL BUILT, GIANT STATUE, FOR FORDRING. The statue, accompanied by a plaque honoring his death, is in excellent condition. The only statues in the Order Hall are of Paladins presumed dead(Turalyon was later found to be alive, but that was after).

Now put this all together, how much time passed between Fordring dying and the Paladins erecting his statue in the order hall? Even if you want to argue the Paladins made the statue when they thought he originally died in the Broken Shore questline rather than the Paladin questline, that still isn't much time. I don't see how the Paladins could have constructed that big statue, got it into the chapel, and erected it next to all the others in that short span after Tirion's death.

THIS IS WHERE IT GETS INTERESTING: The obvious answer is that the Paladin higher-ups knew Tirion was going to die, or even wanted him to die. But why? Why plot the death of such a great Paladin? I'll tell you why. How many paladin players here did all the quests in their order hall upon reaching max level. Did you stop to ask questions, did you ever once hesitate to do a quest? Of course not, because thats what our players do. We finish quests, no questions asked, in pursuit of loot and achievements. WE ARE CONTROLLABLE. Tyrion was not, the Paladin higher-ups had no power over him. But with us, they can offer us a pretty weapon skin or a nice new piece of armor or some gold, and we'll do whatever they ask. So they made us the new Highlord so that they would ALWAYS be in control.

So who is behind it? Who are these "paladin higher-ups", well I don't know for sure, and I don't want to start speculating until I do more research, but I'll figure it out. Could they have been working with demons in order to get Tirion killed? I wouldn't doubt it, but it's possible they could have set up his death without even working directly working with demons. Either way, something's not quite right. Open your eyes.

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Shattered Satchels of Cooperation in one month

Tirion Fordring's death was an inside job that the Paladin order KNEW about. Paladin players are PUPPETS. WAKE UP SHEEPLE.(EXPLANATION IN POST)In one month i managed to get to my 100th satchel as a healer doing Heroic dungeon or Rift of Aln. I probably could have gotten more since the satchel appears so often for healer, however i kept record and this is what i got from 100 of them. 83.853 gold 273 Defiled Augment Runes And bunch of artifact power and Blood of Sargeras (didn't track these) Each rune sold for approx 650-700g which is ~ 185.000 gold So in one month I've made around 270.000 gold just from doing easy heroics. Couldn't have done it without the addon Satchel Scanner though. submitted by /u/Pejok [link] [comments]...